Jan 5, 2017

All the Pokemon types

Logos of all the Pokemon Types in one picture
Pokemon Go contains lots of pocket monsters from five Generations of these creatures. They are divided into different types, according to their habits and abilities. There are 18 types of pocket monsters in the game. To become really good Poketrainers, gamers should know well all the types – where the Pokemon prefer to hide, which strengths and weaknesses they have in battles. Practice is needed to memorize all this stuff, so we’ve prepared this article with main useful information about the Pokemon types.

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Why bother about Pokemon types?

There are two reasons for this in the Pokemon Go game. If we understand habits of different types, we know where and when to look for them, so can collect all the available creatures. And if we understand abilities of the Pokemon types, we know which of our monsters will be better to use in a particular battle and which moves will help to win against a particular rival.

One Pokemon can be of two types

The division on types is not very strict because of their nature. For example, the starter Pokemon Bulbasaur is a Grass and a Poison creature. He often can be found in grass and has the plant on his back. And he uses poison in battles.

If a Pokemon is of two types, one of them is primal and the other is secondary. This affects on abilities of the creature – for example, Poliwrath remains more a Water Pokemon and less a Fighting.
But some Pokemon is of one type only. Squirtle is just a Water Pokemon – he lives near water and uses a lot of water moves in battles. 

The clear understanding of this division comes with the game practice. After a while, you may know all Pokemon of every type, but in the beginning will be better to check regularly, which type of monsters you’ve got into your Pokedex.

Short descriptions of every Pokemon type

Although, this information is really useful in the game, it’s not necessary to learn it by heart - better only copy or bookmark this page to have it for fast access. Will be even better to check the type descriptions when it is needed in the game process. After a while, the memorization will happen automatically – it is the easiest and the very interesting way to become a pro in Pokemon Go.
So, the 18 types of pocket monsters in the Pokemon Go are:

All the Pokemon types logos

Let’s know more about them! We’ve put the link to the full list of the Pokemon of this type in every description.

Bug Pokemon logo
This Pokemon type is commonly known as one of the weakest in the game. The defense and offense skills of these creatures aren’t effective against most of other Pokemon. And those monsters, which have weaknesses against Bug moves, very often are a double type and have also strengths against the Bug Pokemon. But the use of these creatures has also positive sides! They grow and evolve really fast. And some trainers consider them as especially beautiful.

Pokemon of the Bug type are super effective (have 2x strength) in battles against Dark, Grass, and Psychic types. And they are super weak against Fire, Flying, and Rock (these types have 2x strength against the Bug Pokemon).

To find the Bug type monsters in Pokemon Go, we should go to forests, look among trees in parks. 

There are 22 Bug creatures in the game (4 pure Bug and 18 double type).

Dark Pokemon logo
Dark Pokemon are considered to be feral and untameable. They prefer night time. They were added to other Pokemon as a power against the Psychic type. But the Dark monsters have a low HP level and weaknesses in the defense. 

The Dark type Pokemon are super effective against Psychic and Ghost, and they are super weak against Bug, Fairy, and Fight.

There are 6 Dark type creatures in Pokemon Go, (1 pure Dark and 5 double type).

Dragon Pokemon logo
It’s not so easy to catch Dragon Pokemon because they are rare. But many trainers like them for high effectiveness in battles. The Dragon type creatures are powerful in the offense. And they have nice resistance against a lot of attack moves.

The Dragon type Pokemon are super effective against each other. They are super weak in a battle against Ice type creatures.

The Dragon Pokemon spawn in different significant places, which are so famous, that are marked on the gaming map.

In Pokemon Go game, we have 4 Dragon creatures (2 pure Dragon and 2 double type).

Electric Pokemon logo
It’s one of the most popular Pokemon types, because famous Pikachu is also Electric. These creatures can produce, store, and control electricity, use it in battles. The Electric Pokemon are fast and have special powerful attacks. Their defense is average.

The Electric type Pokemon are super effective against Flying and Water types. They are super weak only against Ground type.

To meet the Electric Pokemon (and Pikachu among them), we should visit industrial zones, schools and colleges, dry concreted places, such as parking lots. (But to catch Pikachu as the starter Pokemon, we should act in the specific way).

There are 17 Electric creatures in the Pokemon Go game (12 pure Electric and 5 double type).

Fairy Pokemon logo
These Pokemon are very cute creatures. They have pink color in their appearances and look rather like girls – do you remember Clefairy? But at the same time, Fairy Pokemon are really powerful, especially in defense – it’s one of the best defense types. In the offense, the Fairy creatures are also very good. Their qualities become possible mainly due to magical powers, that they have.

The Fairy type Pokemon are super effective against Dark, Dragon, and Fighting. They are super weak against Poison and Steel creatures.

In the Pokemon Go game, we should visit famous places, marked on the map. The Fairy Pokemon are often can be met in temples and cemeteries. 

13 Fairy Pokemon are already added in Pokemon Go (6 pure Fairy and 7 double type).

Fighting Pokemon logo
The name of this type says for itself – Fighting Pokemon are very good in melee battles because they have powerful physical attacks. Many of them have a human-like body, what helps them to use elements of martial arts. The Fighting creatures are really powerful in the offense, but their defense abilities are rather on an average level.

The Fighting Pokemon are super effective against Dark, Ice, Rock, Steel, and Normal creatures. They are super weak against Flying, Psychic, and Fairy types.

These pocket monsters like competitions, so they usually appear near stadiums, sports arenas, big gyms.

There are 11 Fighting creatures in the Pokemon Go game (9 pure Fighting and 2 double type).

Fire Pokemon logo
These Pokemon are very powerful in the offense mostly because of their ability to produce and control fire. Often flames come directly from their bodies all the time – we can understand the health condition by the sizes of them (as with the starter Charmander, who has the flame on his tail). The Fire Pokemon are average in the defense.

The Fire type Pokemon are super effective against Bug, Ice, Steel, and Grass. They are super weak against Ground, Rock, and Water types.

To find the Fire monsters in the Pokemon Go game, we should go to warmer places, such as a sunny beach. Often they can be met in residential areas.

In the game we have 22 Fire Pokemon (16 pure Fire and 6 double type).

Flying Pokemon logo
The most of Flying Pokemon have wings, and they are similar to birds and insects. They really can fly and use air flows in their attacks. The Flying monsters are powerful in the defense against some types, but many of them have a secondary type, that makes their defense not so effective. For example, a Flying Pokemon is strong against a Fighting one but if he also belongs to the Normal type his defense will be rather weak. In the offense, the Flying type is good enough – these creatures have nice attacks and they are fast.

The Flying Pokemon are super effective against Bug, Fighting, and Grass. They are super weak against Electric, Rock, and Ice.

In Pokemon Go, we should visit forests and parks, farms and fields, to find the Flying Pokemon. These monsters often hide among grass and appear on playgrounds.

There are 36 Flying Pokemon in the game (all of them are double type).

Ghost Pokemon logo
These strange and almost eerie creatures have a low level of health and can use not so many attack moves. But the Ghost Pokemon have a unique advantage – they are almost unavailable to attacks of Fighting and Normal types, the very powerful Pokemon in game battles. In the offense the Ghost monsters can be used with other Pokemon to help them to win – they have useful Special attacks, which make the effectiveness of a rival much lower.

The Ghost Pokemon are super effective against Psychic. They are super weak against Dark. And because the Ghost Pokemon also are super effective against other Ghosts, naturally they also super weak against them.

To catch the Ghost monsters in Pokemon Go, we should look for them near temples and cemeteries, on parking lots at nighttime. 

In the game, we have only 4 Ghost Pokemon so far (1 pure Ghost and 3 double type).

Grass Pokemon logo
Usually, they are peaceful creatures and like to take care of different plants. Many of Grass Pokemon have plant parts on their own bodies. In battles, these creatures can be very powerful! They have significant strengths against some Pokemon and weaknesses against others, so a trainer should think against which rival will be better to use the Grass monsters. 

The Grass Pokemon are super effective against Ground, Rock, and Water types. They are super weak against Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Poison.

As understandable by their name, the Grass Pokemon prefer to live in grassy places. So to find them in Pokemon Go, you better go to parks, meadows, forests, gardens, and golf courses, or just look on a lawn near a house.

24 Grass creatures are added to the Pokemon Go game (7 pure Grass and 17 double type).

Ground Pokemon logo
Ground Pokemon are really powerful in the offense. But their defense is not always good enough – although they have a high HP level, they lose health quickly if battle with an inappropriate to them Pokemon type. These creatures can control the ground during their attacks.

The Ground Pokemon are super effective against Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, and Steel types. They are super weak against Grass, Ice, and Water.

Usually, the Ground creatures hide near urban areas and playgrounds, on sidewalks, in muddy places, railway stations.

There are 24 Ground Pokemon in the game (8 pure Ground and 16 double type).

Ice Pokemon logo
Creatures of this type can withstand a very low temperature and they have the ability to control ice. These Pokemon are rather weak in the defense but they have nice offense powers. In battles, the Ice monsters often pair with other Pokemon, such as Ground and Electric, which cover their weaknesses.

The Ice Pokemon are super effective against Dragon, Grass, Flying, and Ground. They are super weak against Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel types.

Like in other Pokemon games, in Pokemon Go the Ice type creatures can be found in really icy and snowy places. But if you have nothing like this near you, go to water ponds or any waterside, look for the Ice Pokemon in grassy areas. 

Normal Pokemon logo
This is a very common Pokemon type. Normal creatures have the big variety of attributes and battle moves. But they are not very effective both in the defense and in the offense. Only if a Pokemon trainer is able to combine nicely different moves of a Normal monster, this creature can achieve success against a mighty rival.

The Normal Pokemon are the only type with no super effectiveness against any pocket monster. They are super weak against Fighting.

In Pokemon Go, we can meet the Normal type creatures almost everywhere. They spawn quite often even inside of houses. Just look around with a smartphone in the hand, and it may be enough to find the Normal Pokemon.

There are 37 Normal Pokemon in the game (23 pure Normal and 14 double type).

Poison Pokemon logo
These Pokemon can produce venom to poison their rivals in battles. This ability makes them one of the best defensive pocket monsters. But in the offense, they are not very powerful, and many Pokemon trainers use the Poison creatures to inflict poison status – with it, a rival loses health automatically. When poisoning is made, this Pokemon usually is changed by creatures more effective in attacks.

The Poison Pokemon are super effective against Fairy and Grass. They are super weak against Ground and Psychic.

To find the Poison virtual creatures in Pokemon Go, we should visit “wetlands”, such as areas near water ponds, rivers, marshes. Occasionally, the Poison Pokemon can be met in industrial zones and inside of large buildings.

Psychic Pokemon logo
This type of Pokemon has special powers of mind, and many trainers consider them as very intelligent creatures. In the offense, Psychic Pokemon use their really mighty Special Attacks, and not many other types of pocket monsters can resist them. But in defense, the Psychic are not so effective – they have a low HP and weaknesses against very common Pokemon.

The Psychic Pokemon are super effective against Fighting and Poison types. They are super weak against Dark, Ghost, and Bug.

In the Pokemon Go game, the Psychic monsters usually hide near hospitals, in residential areas, among grass.

The game contains 24 Psychic Pokemon (10 pure Psychic and 14 double type).

Rock Pokemon logo
It seems like these creatures are made of rocks, and this influences on their abilities in battles – Rock Pokemon have really powerful attacks, but they are slow and cannot be proud of their accuracy. In the defense, the Rock pocket monsters are not as effective as in offense. They are weak against five types, what is more than any other. But the high ability to defense lets the Rock Pokemon stand in battles for a long time and defeat a lot of rivals.

The Rock Pokemon are super effective against Fire, Bug, Ice, and Flying. They are super weak against Fighting, Grass, Water, Ground, and Steel types.

In Pokemon Go, we can find these creatures in places with a lot of stones: quarries, railways, wild rocky areas. Also, they can be met near highways, in big buildings, just in cities.

There are 18 Rock Pokemon in the game (1 pure Rock and 17 double type).

Steel Pokemon logo
These pocket monsters are similar to robots and other human-made metal objects. They are very powerful in the defense – the most powerful defensive Pokemon. But their mightiness makes the Steel type creatures slow. In the offense, they are also strong but not fantastically. Their Special Attacks have a below average effectiveness. 

The Steel Pokemon are super effective against Fairy, Ice, and Rock. They are super weak against Fighting, Fire, and Ground.

To catch the Steel Pokemon, we should go to places with a lot of steel, such as big buildings, railways, some industrial zones.

In the Pokemon Go game, we have only 6 Steel Pokemon (2 pure Steel and 4 double type).

This is one of the most effective Pokemon types. Water creatures have balanced defensive and offensive abilities. Even to those attacks, which are basically powerful against the Water Pokemon, these monsters can achieve good resistance, if learn new moves. For example, the Water monsters should learn Ice moves to fight with Dragon and Grass.

The Water Pokemon are super effective against Fire, Ground, and Rock types. They are super weak against Electric and Grass.

To meet the Water pocket monsters in the Pokemon Go game, we should visit places with plenty of water – these creatures live near rivers, lakes, seas, or even near swimming pools, and in bathrooms.

There are 50 Water Pokemon in Pokemon Go (25 pure Water and 25 double type).

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