Jan 8, 2017

Bad Ice-Cream

Screenshot of game Bad Ice-Cream
for Windows & Mac

It is commonly known that ice cream is not very good food – because it’s full of sugar, it destroys teeth, and makes people fat. And in this game, Ice-Cream is especially bad! It lurks around snow locations, eating healthy and delicious fruits of local beasts. And you help him do so, moving alive ice-cream in mazes of ice. To finish a level, the ice-cream has to eat every fruit that appears on the game screen. In this cool arcade, the hero must avoid touching other creatures. For these tasks the abilities of the ice-cream to produce and destroy blocks of ice are very helpful.

Fruits are really tasty! Even a virtual lizard likes to eat them. Will you help him collect cherries, apples, bananas and avoid obstacles? Do it in the Raptor Fruit Rush game on Very Good Games!

A screenshot from a running game Raptor Fruit Rush. A link for playing it on the gaming blog Very Good Games