Jan 14, 2017

Disk and World RPG

Disk and World RPG game screenshot
for Windows & Mac

The hero of this role-playing game has met… Death. He will die soon but still has a chance to become a legend in the virtual world. Death gave him time to kill every evil creature around and make the life of people peaceful and safe. Of course, it is you who leads the guy to the feats! At the start, choose his class: a wizard, a barbarian, or a tourist. It affects the appearance of the hero. Explore the location, collect bonuses from the chests, and battle against dangerous beasts. The battles here have been made in an interesting way! You play the game with a foe, showing one of three signs: a paper, a stone, or scissors. The lucky one makes his opponent lose a health heart. Can you beat every of the enemies?

There is another one character in the game world, who also doesn’t like bad guys – it is Kung-Fu Grandpa. He fights evil gangsters in this game!

A screenshot from a fighting game for PC and Apple computers - play it free online on the gaming blog Very Good Games