Jan 20, 2017

Dusk Drive

Dusk Drive game screenshot
for Windows & Mac

Your virtual car rushes to a finish line on an autostrada. It should reach every next checkpoint before seconds on the timer will come to zero. On the road, you can gather energy for the turbo speed, drafting behind other cars. Do this carefully, avoiding crashes! Control speed on turns, especially with the activated turbo. When a level of this free driving game is finished, you may spend the bonus money on car improvements. The method of the movements on the tree of levels is very interesting – on the end of a road, choose one of the lines on it to enter one of two next locations.

For players, which prefer more powerful motivations for reaching the finish of a game track, may be interesting to drive and improve cars in Earn to Die. Zombies threat to eat the game hero, so he really is eager to succeed – play online on Very Good Games!

A screenshot from a zombie game Earn to Die. Play it free on the gaming blog Very Good Games