Jan 7, 2017

Giants and Dwarves TD

Giants and Dwarves TD game screenshot
for Windows & Mac

In the magical world, evil forces try to attack peaceful lands. Your mighty army stands in the way of dangerous soldiers and dreadful monsters. Build defensive towers to stop enemies! There are four types of protection: magic, archers, swordsmen, and cannons. Put it in many places and don’t forget to upgrade them in time. This strategy game is especially interesting by different ways to the protected lands, which are situated on the ground level, in the sky, and under the ground. So you should care about every path! Also, you have the hero who can move freely in the game locations, additional powers for very dangerous situations, and a lot of improvements to make before new, harder levels.

When angry giants come to the Earth, a brave hero may not build towers but destroy the magic plant, on which enemies climb – help him stop the invasion in the GatherX game on Very Good Games!

A screenshot from a free online clicker game GatherX. A link for playing it on the blog about the best games on the Internet