Jan 12, 2017

Guitar Geek

Guitar Geek screenshot
for Windows & Mac

An electric guitar is a cool musical instrument, and many great hits have been made with help of it. In this game, you may play the guitar simulator – it can’t give real feelings of a guitar, but you can have a lot of fun and gather inspiration for learning an electric guitar in the real world. To play music, you should press corresponding buttons, which appear on the virtual fretboard. Do it correctly and in time to make the music flow freely and without interruptions. Many musical compositions and four level of difficulty make this creative game very interesting!

If you really like to create music and are ready to try a bit more professional tool for this, try out the Notessimo game on Very Good Games. It contains so many instruments that even complicated compositions can be made with it.

A screenshot from the free music game Notessimo - compose your own music on the gaming blog Very Good Games