Jan 12, 2017

How to play Minecraft. The fifth day

Minecraft game screenshot
There are different playing styles in the Minecraft virtuality. Someone prefers walk continually in a blocky location and explore it, someone will stay at one place and develop it, making deep mines and majestic buildings. The Minecraft game became so popular largely because of the almost unlimited freedom of players, so which style to choose – it depends only on you.

At the fourth night of the free Minecraft Demo you may taste this freedom and choose the style of your game. You may stay near a cave or go away aimlessly. In this tutorial you’ll find ideas for both situations. But remember: this choice affects also on the fifth night and the whole game in this location, if you’ll decide to continue it.

To walk away from a ready shelter – it’s the choice of explorers. Who knows what you’ll find on this journey? Maybe an abandoned mine or an open quarry with deposits of precious materials, a rich village with friendly people or a mighty stronghold with a mystical portal to the End dimension... But just beautiful mountains and valleys with different plants and creatures will be a good reason to leave the cozy cave.

Minecraft game screenshot - a lake

You may take the crafting table and the furnace with you, destroying them with an axe or another tool. But it’s not necessary – you already know the recipes and can make new ones any time. The blocky world is full of wood and cobblestone and you have tools to collect these materials. 

Look for food on your way. Before leaving, check your field – maybe there are mature wheat to craft bread and feed your character. If no, you may destroy few oak trees to collect apples. With this process you’ll have also a lot of saplings – don’t forget to plant them, because trees make beautiful not only the real, but also the virtual world!

Minecraft game screenshot - a sheep among the tall  grass

Explore everything interesting you’ll find on your way. Cut wool from sheep, collect milk from cows. If you meet chickens, look for eggs around them. Climb on highest mountains, walk on beautiful meadows. Do whatever you want to do, but remember about time: the darkness will come with the fifth night and you will need a shelter to protect yourself.

Minecraft game screenshot -  a sapling

If you like your first place, stay there as long as you want. You may begin a building near your cave. First try to make a small house from cobblestone blocks. Don’t make a big one to have possibility to finish it till the evening. A square hut with the 5-7 blocks width and 3-4 blocks height of a wall will be enough for this building experience. 

Make holes for an entrance and windows. To prevent mobs come inside, close the holes with a door and glass blocks. Smelt sand blocks in the furnace to have glass.

Minecraft recipes - smelting a glass block

To make roof of the house you may use stairs blocks. Put them on the wall tops in the form of a pyramid. You can use different materials for stairs. Wooden planks and cobblestone blocks will be good for this house. The recipes of stairs are:

Minecraft recipes - cobblestone stairs

Minecraft recipes - wooden stairs

You also can make other types of the roof. Flat one, for example, will take less time to construct. Be creative in this process and don’t cling so much to the result: just enjoy the building process and be ready to stop it any moment to protect your character from night monsters. 

You may surround the house with a fence and torches to make it safer from the mobs. 

Control hunger and feed the hero in time with bread, cake or an apple.

When the sun goes down, hide in the house or in the cave. The last night of the free Minecraft Demo will begin. Read about this time in the last tutorial of this series: “How to play Minecraft free. The fifth night”.

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