Jan 10, 2017

How to play Minecraft. The fourth day

Minecraft game screenshot
The virtual world of the Minecraft game is full of different animals. Usually they, like the monsters, are called “mobs”. But they aren’t aggressive at all. The animals are neutral to the game character. And even if you’ll decide to attack, most of them, except polar bears, won’t answer on your aggressiveness and only will try to run.

How to use these mobs? Pigs and rabbits give meat after their death, but majority of animals in Minecraft can be useful without killing them. Chickens give eggs. From cows you can take milk. Sheep are the source of wool blocks. Horses, ocelots and wolves are tamable mobs and could be used in different ways in the game. We think killing these cute creatures for food is just bloodthirsty action: world gives us enough fruits and another non-bloody food, that much useful for mind and body than meat.

In the next night we’ll try to craft cakes with eggs, milk, wheat and sugar. So let's collect the ingredients at the day time! Eggs may be found during the walk – chickens leave them on the ground every 5-10 minutes. Milk is collected after tapping a cow by a bucket with the right mouse button. You can craft the bucket using three iron ingots. The recipe of the Minecraft bucket is:

Minecraft recipes - a bucket

Sugar can be crafted from sugarcane. The plant grows near water and you can take it with any tool. Sugarcane is shown on the picture:

Minecraft game screenshot - sugarcane plants

Do you have shears after the third night of the free Demo game? With wool and wooden blocks you can craft a bed for your character. To take wool from sheep you should tap them with the right mouse button, holding the shears in the hand. 

Minecraft game screenshot - sheeps

Minecraft game screenshot - a black sheep

Minecraft game screenshot - a sheep without wool

Do you have enough iron ingots to craft the bucket? Have or not, it will be really good decision to explore the Minecraft above-ground world at the fourth day of the free game and try to meet animals. Look for them near grass and water, where they have something to eat and drink. Collect all eggs you’ll find. Take milk, if you can.

Minecraft game screenshot - a cow

Minecraft game screenshot - a cow

Minecraft game screenshot - milking a cow

Don’t forget to control sometime the hunger level of the game character and collect apples from oak trees.

Minecraft game screenshot - sunset

At the evening before hiding in a cave, check your wheat field. It is possible some of the planted seeds already gave mature wheat. It should look like on the picture:

Minecraft game screenshot - mature wheat on a farm

To collect wheat and new seeds destroy the plants with any tool or with the bare hand. If do so with not matured wheat it will give you only seeds. Plant seeds again – maybe you’ll decide to play on the same location after the free Demo game finishes.

Close the entrance of your cave after the sunset and read what you can do next in the tutorial “How to play Minecraft free. The fourth night”.

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