Jan 9, 2017

How to play Minecraft. The third night

Minecraft screenshot
The Minecraft game proposes a large variety of exciting activities. You can explore the magnificent above-ground world, dig mines in the virtual ground, collect precious materials, craft diverse tools and build houses, castles or other constructions. You already have tried some of these things, isn’t it? For example, in the previous third game day? In the third night, with this tutorial series you can continue enjoy new recipes and learn about new possibilities in a build process.

As we have already decided, better to spend the nighttime in a safe house or cave, closing the entrance into the shelter to prevent monsters come inside. If you are tired of putting blocks every evening and then destroying them every morning, you may craft a door and put it in the entrance. The right click opens and closes it.

From different types of wooden planks different doors are made. It is also possible to craft the iron door. The recipes of different types of doors are similar: 

Minecraft recipes - an oak tree door

Minecraft recipes - a birch tree door

Minecraft recipes - an iron door

Minecraft screenshot - a door

Using a door, never forget to close it at night! Better put a door on the outer edge of entrance blocks, because in other case zombies will see your character and will try to come inside. They even may break a door!

In Minecraft you can build not only by putting blocks one on another, but also by destroying them in the underworld. This way you can make in a mass of mountains a huge hall on a way of your mine and fill it with different objects, such as chests and bookshelves, put there a bed. Just digging the ground and collecting by the way useful blocks you can make a fantastic underground castle with different rooms and corridors. Maybe it will be impossible to see its beauty from outside, but inside it could be even bigger and more interesting than many splendid castles of the above-ground world. Some tunnels of such a construction may lead into rich dungeons, while others may become bolt-holes. In some rooms you may make cozy rest places, in others will be nice to make storages of precious things.

Minecraft screenshot - a deposit of iron ore in a mine

Of course, with the time limitation of the free Minecraft Demo you better think not about a big construction, but about a middle size hall in the end of an already made mine. Make a nice room here and light it with torches. You will need a strong pickaxe in this process, made with stone or iron. Do you remember how to craft pickaxes? Make enough reserve of them to not use your crafting table too often. Craft also a lot of torches for the hall – the more light the better. Do you remember that monsters can be spawned in the darkness?

Minecraft screenshot - a hall in a mine

Digging the hall is also very nice to collect ore blocks. You may find an iron ore deposit, make iron ingots and finish your armor, if you didn’t do it yet. Also with iron ingots you can make a very useful tool – shears. It will be needed to take wool from sheep. Wool blocks are often used in decoration of Minecraft buildings, because they may be dyed in different colors. In the free Minecraft demo we will use wool to craft a bed. The recipe of shears is: 

Minecraft recipes - shears

Every material, which you will find during the digging, can be used in one way or another. But after some time you will have so much cobblestone blocks that in the inventory will be no space for an extra tool or even for gold or diamonds, if you’ll be lucky enough to find them – an inventory cell can take only 64 pieces of one material. To empty cells, put unnecessary blocks into a chest. Do you still have it from the very beginning of the game? If not, just craft a new one! The chest recipe in the Minecraft game is:

Minecraft recipes - a chest

You can put a ready chest in your underground hall, open it with the right click and then move some blocks to active cells.

Minecraft screenshot - a chest in a mine

Don’t get involved in the construction too much! The night will be finished in ten minutes, and it will be the time to go outside, to the above-ground world. So if your hall is good enough for the third day of the free Demo game, you can make another exit from it, digging a tunnel in the opposite direction of the first entrance. Dig up, making steep stairs. 

Minecraft screenshot - a mine with coal

If you cannot find an exit for a long time, maybe you are inside of a huge mountain. In such a case, try to change the direction. Or come back to your hall and use the old exit. It is better to finish the tunnel next time, than to spend the daytime inside of a mine.

Minecraft screenshot - the rising sun

With digging the game time passes very fast. The third night finishes and so does this part of our tutorial. Want to get some ideas what to do next? Read “How to play Minecraft free. The fourth day”!

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