Jan 15, 2017

How to make a skin in Minecraft

Minecraf skins - tutorial for beginners in the game
The appearance of your game character in some way represents your mood and even your personality. So when you have decided to change Minecraft skin, you may want not to use already made pictures but create your own. With an appropriate application it will be an easy and really fun task.

A Minecraft custom skin may be created on base of an already existing template. For example, you may take the standard skins of Steve and Alex, and change them as you wish. Steve and Alex are the default skins, made by Mojang. They differ from each other not only by the appearance, but also by shapes of bodies – Alex has slimmer hands. Just download the Minecraft skin templates from here: Alex and Steve, open a file in your image editor, such as paint.net, or use a specialized Minecraft skin editor.

How to make a skin in Minecraft

Of course, using a specialized software is much more easier way to edit your skin. Because in these applications you will see a 3D model of the Minecraft character instead of a flat picture, in which is hard to understand where is the back or the front and how all these parts will look together in the game.

There are a lot of different programs to create a skin and we’ll mention a few of them – choose any and use it.

The first one is Skincraft. This Minecraft skin creator is made as the flash game with a lot of useful tools. You may make your skin here, based on Steve or other templates and then export .png file to your computer. We invite you to use Skincraft on the Very Good Games blog.

In these video tutorials, we show how to make a Minecraft skin in Skincraft. 

Skincraft - an application for making skins in the Minecraft game

The next Minecraft skin maker – is MCSkin3D, a very good editor with a lot of possibilities, such as different samples, a change of 3D and 2D view, a full color pallet, a pencil and a bucket tool… Here is possible to choose for editing not only humans’ skins, but all mobs’ bodies and even inanimate objects. You may download a newest version of it on your PC from the Minecraft forum page.

A video tutorial of making a Minecraft skin in MCSkin3D you may find on this page.

MCSkin 3D - an application for making skin for the Minecraft game

Without downloading you may use NovaSkin, the online Minecraft skin maker. It is available on this page

Make a Minecrafr skin in NovaSkin

If you have an iOS device, you may install the official skins creator for Minecraft PC and Pocket Edition - Minecraft Skin Studio.

Make a Minecrafr skin in Minecrafr Skin Studio for iOS

To those, who have an Android device and play Minecraft PC, will be interesting to use a Minecraft skin editor for Android. For example, you may use Skinseed for Minecraft – create skins while you have time, and then play with them on PC or in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Make a Minecraft skin in Skinseed for Android

It doesn’t matter which tool you’ll choose, the main thing in skin creation is your fantasy! But to make really the best Minecraft skins you may need to spend some time to learn all functions of your editor. 

Also, different mods can make the game even more interesting. Do you know what are mods in Minecraft?

Minecrafr tutorial about modes

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