Jan 14, 2017

All the Electric Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Electric Pokemon logo
There are 17 Electric Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game.

12 of them are the pure Electric type:

Pikachu Pokemon
#025 – Pikachu (Electric);

Raichu Pokemon
#026 – Raichu (Electric);

Voltorb Pokemon
#100 – Voltorb (Electric);

Electrode Pokemon
#101 – Electrode (Electric);

Electabuzz Pokemon
#125 – Electabuzz (Electric);

Jolteon Pokemon
#135 – Jolteon (Electric);

Pichu Pokemon
#172 – Pichu (Electric);

Mareep Pokemon

#179 – Mareep (Electric);

Flaaffy Pokemon

#180 – Flaaffy (Electric);

Ampharos Pokemon

#181 – Ampharos (Electric);

Elekid Pokemon
#239 – Elekid (Electric).

Raikou Pokemon

#243 – Raikou (Electric).

3 dual type Pokemon have the Electric type as primal:

Magnemite Pokemon
#081 – Magnemite (Electric/Steel);

Magneton Pokemon
#082 – Magneton (Electric/Steel);

Zapdos Pokemon
#145 – Zapdos (Electric/Flying).

2 dual type Pokemon has the Electric type as secondary:

Chinchou Pokemon
#170 – Chinchou (Water/Electric);

Lanturn Pokemon
#171 – Lanturn (Water/Electric).

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