Jan 3, 2017

Full Pokedex – the list of all the Pokemon in Pokemon Go

There are different playing styles in all Pokemon games. Some trainers want to collect all the virtual creatures and fill completely their Pokedexes. Others prefer to think not about quantity, but about quality – they take few Pokemon and make them very powerful to win in every battle. Someone combines these methods (collects all the creatures, but develops powers of few) or comes up with a unique way of playing. In any case, it is very useful to check from time to time the whole list of Pokemon – this way we’ll know which creatures exist in the game, how they evolve, which strengths and weaknesses they have.

Let’s check the full Pokedex in the Pokemon Go game! In special posts about each generation, you'll find information on types of the creatures, on the quantity of candies they need to evolve in more powerful monsters, on the number of kilometers to walk with them as a Buddy Pokemon for getting a candy, and on the max CP.

Pikachu Pokemon - All Gen I creatures
All the Pokemon of Generation I in Pokemon Go
Togepi Pokemon - All Gen II creatures
All the Pokemon of Generation II in Pokemon Go
Kirlia Pokemon - All Gen III creatures
All the Pokemon of Generation III in Pokemon Go
All the Pokemon of Generation III in Pokemon Go

First, in the Pokemon Go game, we've got monsters from the first Generation (or Generation I). These creatures appeared in the first games of the series – Pokemon Red and Blue Versions. The second generation is from the games Pokemon Gold and Silver. Generation III was introduced in the games Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Gen IV is originally from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Get more info on this topic in the article "Pokémon universe: games, regions, and generations. A guide to the main series."

Understanding of Pokemon types features is really useful in the game. It helps a trainer to find a lot of different creatures and to act effectively in battles. Read about the all types of Pokemon on the Very Good Games blog.

A logos of all the Pokemon typers

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