Jan 1, 2017

Pokemon Go – the newest game masterpiece

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Pokemon have become popular since their first appearance at 1996, as heroes of two games, created by Nintendo. They were the role-playing games, named Pokemon Red and Blue Versions, released for the Game Boy console. Then there were mega-successful anime series, films, and many other games. In the summer of 2016, Pokemon have achieved new records of popularity – the Pokemon Go game was released, and immediately almost the whole world has become mad about it, searching Pokemon everywhere and looking for possibilities to become the best Pokemon trainer. Millions of people have downloaded Pokemon Go and play the game daily, paying to it more attention than even to social networks.

We have decided to figure out what all this fuss is about, have it done, and have written a lot of interesting materials about Pokemon Go, such as reviews, articles, and tutorials. You’ll find them on the Very Good Games blog. 

Why is Pokemon Go so popular?

The base of this game is the system of augmented reality – Pokemon live in a parallel dimension, which we can see only with the help of smartphones’ and tablets’ cameras. But they hide in real locations, so to find them players should walk on streets, in forests, near rivers, inside of buildings, etc. This real-life quest is a unique invention and seems to be one of the main reasons for such popularity.
Of course, the idea of connection the real and a virtual world isn’t new. It was implemented in few console games, such as all Wonderbook series for PlayStation. Also, Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, has made earlier another game with AR (augmented reality) – Ingress. But only with Pokemon we have the AR game in its best for the first time, because the mission of Pokemon catching is easy to understand and interesting to perform, and you don’t need any extra devices for the game – just a smartphone or a tablet will be enough.

 Live communication and physical activity

But the AR system isn’t all! The main thing in the Pokemon Go game is communication between people. It’s so interesting to hang out with friends, look for Pokemon, meet other trainers, join teams, participate in battles… After so many games, which separate people from each other, making them sitting at homes with their devices, Pokemon Go has become the unique game phenomenon of social communication in the real world.
We like Pokemon Go also because of the quantity of physical activity. Players should walk a lot to catch Pokemon or to breed them from an egg, to find useful stuff on PokeStops or to meet PokeFriends.
So, augmented reality, communication, and physical activity are the things that made the Pokemon Go game so fantastically interesting. Oh, and we have almost forgotten nice graphics and cool gameplay! We’ll tell you about this on the Very Good Games blog in the article “Pokemon Go! Will you catch them all?”.

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