Jan 10, 2017

Tricks of Pokemon Go. How to catch Pikachu as your starter.

It’s not a secret that creators of games and cartoons try hard to make a character, which will attract gamers and viewers becoming their favorite creature. With Pikachu, the Pokemon creators have succeeded undoubtedly: Pikachu is a perfect mascot of their cartoon and game series! How not to love this little cute yellow monster with small funny hands, big ears and long lightning-like tail? Who knows, maybe so great success of Pokemon became possible only because of those magnificent eyes of Pikachu?

Almost everyone likes Pikachu, and a lot of Pokemon Go players want to get this amazing creature into their Pokedex. It seems like the game developers knew it will happen and have made a present to all Pikachu fans – this yellow electric Pokemon can be your starter pocket monster in the Pokemon Go game. Of course, if you know the secret how to do so. And we reveal it to you in this Pokemon Go tutorial.

Do you already know what “starter Pokemon” means? If no, read about this in the guide “How to play Pokemon Go. First steps”. There you’ll find a lot of other interesting and useful information.

Don’t take others - insist on Pikachu!

Pokemon Go game logo
Three first Pokemon you meet in the game are Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. The same creatures are the starters in other Pokemon games. And they were the monsters, Ash missed in the very first episode of the “Pokemon: Indigo League” cartoon series, where a professor gave to him the last remaining Pokemon – Pikachu. So in Pokemon Go you have to do almost the same: don’t take other creatures until the game proposes Pikachu!

But you have to do one thing for this. When you see the three starters, just leave them and go away from them. Seriously – go from them! After a while they’ll respawn in a new place – the game wants you to take someone. Look if there still are only three Pokemon. If yes, again go away. This process repeats few times, usually four. With your patience the game will throw in the towel and will propose to you four Pokemon – Pikachu will be the extra one. Don’t miss this moment and catch him!

That’ it! Now you have your the starter Pokemon, and he is Pikachu.

You may go hunting on other virtual creatures. To collect many different Pokemon will be nice to know, where they usually hide. Read about Pokemon’s habits here: All about the Pokemon types! There you’ll also find information how to catch Pikachu not as the starter, but in the game process. After all, he is an electric Pokemon and may be found in places, where other similar pocket monsters like to hide.

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