Jan 6, 2017

Zombudoy 2

Zombudoy 2 gameplay
for Windows & Mac

Probably, zombies just can’t learn their lessons – after the first part of the game, they still try to steal something from well-armed gamers. Now they become so impudent that want to get their dead hands on… Christmas presents! There is no time to think! Take a weapon and destroy those burglars! Use snowballs at the game start and take more powerful firearms at the end of levels. A submachine gun and bombs will be just necessary to defeat powerful waves of strong zombies!

When a danger for winter holidays comes from presents themselves, Santa can shoot the boxes, riding his combat sleigh. Will you help him in the Christmas Attack shooter on Very Good Games?

 screenshot from a fun shooting game - Christmas Attack shooter. Play it free on the blog about the best games, Very Good Game.