Feb 12, 2017

Crazy Hill Driver

Crazy Hill Driver game screenshot
Travel by different vehicles in wildness – it’s quite a fun entertainment. But it asks for nice driving skills. It’s so easy to lose the balance and just crash on many hills in this game! So better to keep controlling the speed and press brakes when it is necessary. The virtual tracks are very, very long, so you will need extra fuel – grab canisters on the way! And don’t forget about coins. They can be spent on new vehicles! You begin with a tractor but then can buy a motorcycle, monster truck, sand buggy, and racing car. Also, money opens fresh locations – from the green land you can move even to the Moon!

Free online driving game Crazy Hill Driver for computers, tablets, smartphones

Long flights and collecting bonus items for extra fuel – it’s the core of the SWOOOP game. Play it on the Very Good Games blog!

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