Feb 21, 2017

The Green Mission

The Green Mission game screenshot
Following his desire to try an amazingly tasty recipe, the guy in this game has come to a faraway cave to get rare ingredients – unique emeralds. And has discovered, that he is too big to enter the place. The whole mission depends now on the agility of his weird pet – a small green creature Buddy. He explores the cave, passes through dangerous obstacles, jumps over sectors of hot lava, and, of course, collects precious emeralds. Buddy has surprising abilities! The game hero can change his color to orange – this helps activate different mechanisms, open holes in platforms, get keys to exit doors… Also, Buddy can control rockets and destroy evil robots jumping on it. His adventures are just fun and exciting!

Free adventure game The Green Mission

Another green creature explores an ancient castle in the Ufo Run game! He can’t stop there, and players help him activate the jet-backpack, avoid sharp spikes, and collect golden stars.

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