Feb 27, 2017

Heavenly Sweet Donuts

Play online busiess game with donuts
for Windows & Mac

Cute girls in this game may forget, that eating too much fried and full of sugar donuts destroys teeth and makes bodies fat and unattractive. Maybe, they are careless about their health because they are just virtual characters? If so - okay, let’s sell them as much donuts, as they are ready to buy, and make a lot of money in this business! In a small shop, you can fry donuts, add syrup and sweet covers on them. Follow the orders of customers and do the job quickly – hungry people don’t want to wait and may go away, leaving your shop without revenue, which is significant for the game progress! At every day the shop should earn specific amount of money. Will be your business successful?

A business game Heavenly Sweet Donuts - play it free online on the gaming blog Very Good Games

After eating sweets, even virtual creatures want to make something good for their bodies. They visit gyms, and you can make money on this too, playing the Gym Mania game!

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