Feb 14, 2017

Jewel Jungle

Jewel Jungle screenshot
Jungle locations are full of precious gems, but the classic matching game doesn’t propose to hunt on them – these colorful crystals are needed only to clear levels and to collect bonus points, which are a real treasure for enthusiastic gamers. Observe the game screen attentively to find potential lines of three or more identical gems. This can be done by replacing two adjacent crystals – click or tap them and then swipe to a neighboring cell. There are two modes in the game: levels with different tasks, such as collecting a specific number of points, or using particular gems; and time attack, in which you play one level with a time limitation. How many points will you collect there?

Jewel Jungle online

Attentiveness to game objects will be very useful in another free online game on the Very Good Games blog – try to collect pairs of identic blocks in Mahjong 3D!

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