Feb 16, 2017

Key & Shield

Key & Shield screenshot
Evil creatures have occupied fairylands of cute blobs. The aborigines are closed in cages, and it seems like there is no hope for them. But the fortune has sent two useful objects to one of the blobs: the key to open cages and the shield to protect from enemies’ attacks and also to glide during jumps. In that way, the small alive ball becomes a great hero and goes to rescue all the country! On every level, he should open a cage with another blob – this is the main task. But to achieve all three bonus stars, he has to collect all golden coins and rescue all little bats. Agility will help to avoid dangerous traps and to defeat all the foes. To beat enemies, the hero should jump on their heads.

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Exploration of territories and battling with different opponents are main activities also in some quests. Help the hero of Disk and World RPG make his most outstanding feats!

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