Feb 4, 2017

My Totoro Room

My Totoro Room design screenshot
Have you watched the amazing cartoon “My Neighbor Totoro”? If no, we recommend doing so! But warn you – you may like the fairy creature from it so much, that will begin to surround you with his images. It’s so cute, and just watching his face is a pleasure. In this game, we can get such excitement, creating design for a bedroom in style of Totoro! Maybe, it will even give you some ideas for a real room. Press buttons in the lower menu and watch changes. Try different combinations of beds, wardrobes, couches, nightstands, lamps, windows… Enjoy the results – you can easily save the pictures!

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Totoro lives in a forest, with many animals. Of course, there are squirrels too, and they collect nuts for future winters - as the funny squirrel in the Nut Rush game!

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