Feb 18, 2017

A huge update of Pokemon Go: creatures of Generation II and some nice changes

News about Gen 2 Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game
Have you caught and hatched many Pokemon of the First Generation? It’s nice if yes, because doing this now becomes a bit harder – more than 80 new creatures from Generation II were added to the Pokemon Go’s augmented reality, so meetings with Pocket Monsters of Gen I will be rarer…

The news of expanding the Pokemon world in the game of the Niantic Company is quite cheerful for trainers. This gives new motivations for going onto hunting for Pocket Monsters. And even those, who do not open Pokemon Go application for a long time, may become very interested in the refreshed game experience.

Delibird Pokemon
Mantine Pokemon

Along with creatures of the Second Generation, we’ve got many changes in the game. For example, the developers have added new customization features: hats, glasses, jackets… They can be bought in the shop. 

Other, more significant changes have been made in battle moves. We can see new animations. And those, who learned well how Pokemon behave in Gyms, should update their knowledge. The best way of doing this – is the practice!

New objects have appeared among useful Pokemon Go items: two kinds of berries! Nanab Berries slow Pokemon during catches. Pinap Berries allow taking more candies from a successful catch.

Nanab Berries and Pinap Berries in the Pokemon Go game

But of course, for most of players these changes of Pokemon Go are almost nothing in comparison with the appearance of new creatures! Let’s figure out, who they are – check our full list of the Gen II Pokemon here!

List of all Gan 2 Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game
All the Pokemon of Generation II

Smeargle Pokemon
We know that there are 100 Pokemon in Gen II. Why only “more than 80” were announced for this update? Because 7 of the Gen II Pocket Monsters are Baby Pokemon, added a while ago. And as with the Gen I, Legendary Pokemon are not available in the game. We expect, they will be released for a short period on some special events of Niantic and Nintendo.

Also, Smeargle is not available too. Some trainers compare this Pokemon to Ditto, which has special ability to change his appearance and was revealed much later than other species.

We can get new Pokemon in different ways: catch them, hatch from an egg (the only method for baby Pokemon), and evolve some of Gen I creatures into Pokemon of Gen II. To do so, trainers should use new objects, added into Pokemon Go – evolution items. Read about this in our tutorial:  “How to evolve and power up Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game”.

A Pokemon Go tutorial about evolving and powering up Pokemon in the game

So let’s go for an exciting hunt! Before diving into the updated game, it will be useful to read the tutorial about the basic gameplay of Pokemon Go - it remains without changes. 

How to play Pokemon Go

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