Feb 13, 2017

Three teams in Pokemon Go

Three teams in Pokemon Go - tutorial
It may seem like the Pokemon Go game is all about catching virtual creatures and filling our Pokedex. In fact, this is just a part of the game process, from which every trainer begins. But to where the game leads us? What for we collect all those Pokemon? 

The answers become clear on the 5th level of experience. When a game character reaches this point, he or she may join one of three global teams. Or rather, we may do so, if want to battle in Gyms and participate in the massive struggle for “world domination”. 

The choice of a team is quite significant for a Pokemon trainer. So, let’s figure out, what those teams are, and what the game will become after joining one of them!

A dream of emperors… 

The very core of Pokemon Go is different from games of the original Pokemon series. The Niantic Company, the developer of the modern mobile sensation, has experience in creating another augmented reality game, Ingress. There, players are divided into teams and battle each other to occupy as much territory as possible. And now Niantic has copied that gameplay to the Pokemon virtuality! First, trainers collect creatures, and then they join a team and battle each other in Gyms, trying to take all these objects.

It’s quite like dreams of all emperors, which wanted to conquer the whole world. It’s luckiness that the battles of Pokemon Go do not involve real weapons and take place only in the virtuality!

How to choose a team in Pokemon Go

Choose your team-mates! Choose your attitude to the game!

There are three teams in Pokemon Go: Mystic, Valor, and Instinct. The division is based on different attitudes to the game process. And every team has its own attributes. It will be better to learn about the core of a team before joining it.

Articuno - a mascot of Team Mystic in Pokemon Go
Mystic is a blue team with Articuno as a mascot and with a virtual girl Blanche as a leader. Wisdom unites members of this team. They want to know more about Pokemon creatures, about their nature, and plan to build their success on this knowledge. 

The in-game description of Team Mystic is:

Pokemon Go - Team Mystic

Articuno - a mascot of Team Valor in Pokemon Go
Valor is a red team with Moltres as a mascot and with Candela as a leader. They are fighters, the members of this team. They think that it is better to train a lot and make their Pokemon really powerful ones than investigating too much the creatures. 

Inside the game, they describe themselves like this:

Pokemon Go - Team Valor

Articuno - a mascot of Team Instinct in Pokemon Go
Instinct is a yellow teamwith Zapdos as a mascot and with Spark as a leader. Members of this team seem to be the most relaxed among all trainers. They choose to believe in the internal power of Pokemon and let their intuition lead them to victory (or anywhere it will lead). Spark explains his attitude with these words:

Pokemon Go - Team Instinct

Whom to choose?

There are three main ways of choosing a team in Pokemon Go:
  1. Read the descriptions above and choose that, which is closest to your own game attitude.
  2. Discover which team is more powerful around your location. Then join it to share the glory. Or join competitors to try and break the leader’s position.
  3. Look closely to those legendary birds. And choose whom you like more. Or just take your favorite color. 

If you still have doubts, here are a few facts and opinions:
  • Team Mystic has more members than others. They easily take Gyms and easily hold them. They are leaders and keep this position very well.
  • Team Valor has taken the second place and they are not happy with this. Red trainers fight hard against blue ones, trying to take Gyms not by their number but by their strengths and abilities.
  • Team Instinct is far behind its competitors by the number of members and occupied Gyms. And they don’t really try to change the situation. Yellow trainers prefer just enjoy the game and don’t bother about “world domination”. But they do not miss the chance to battle in a Gym. It’s cool entertainment, after all!

Once chosen, a team cannot be changed, unless you will begin the game from the very start.

And there are two aspects that help teams become successful – it’s how trainers know the abilities of Pokemon creatures, and how they know the features of the battle process. On the Very Good Games we talk about both! 

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