Mar 23, 2017

I want to be a billionaire

I want to be a billionaire game screenshot
Many people want to have a lot of money to realize all their plans and desires. Of course, this game can’t give wealth to you – it’s just a virtual entertainment! But it’s capable of teaching some significant principles of earning money. They are, for example: we should do something to expect something to happen; we should invest in our development, such as learning new things, buying new equipment; we should care not only about ourselves but also about other people…
To become a billionaire in this game, you can build different commercial objects: shops, restaurants, houses for rent, office centers… To boost a building process, tap the screen as fast as possible. To make your business more profitable, activate upgrades, which are very similar to the building process. Collect money regularly, put new objects on empty spots, spent all the profits on developing. Check level of threat regularly and invest into social projects on time to avoid many problems! How fast will you earn your first billion here?

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There are different ways to become rich in the virtuality. Killing zombies is one of the most unusual – a heroine of the Zombies Eat My Stocking shooter collects gold ingots while clearing the world from walking deads…

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