Mar 26, 2017

Bots Boom Bang

Bots Boom Bang - a free puzzle game on the gaming blog Very Good Games
Robots of this puzzle game have understood startling truth – there are so many of them on the Earth that this makes a lot of troubles. The mechanical creatures have decided to allow people destroying them! This can be done in an interesting way. Pairs of identical robots crash into each other and just disappear… And players should perform such a miracle on every game level to clean them not only of robots, but also of additional objects, such as batteries, lamps, and pinions. Just swipe them and make them collapse! Think how to avoid many obstacles and place robots in a straight line! Use additional power-ups to perform game missions with lesser moves!

A free online puzzle game with exploding robots - Bots Boom Bang. Play it on the blog for gamers Very Good Games

Not always many robots are bad for a planet – somewhere these creatures may live without people in harmony with all around! But even a small accident can destroy all their civilization. Only one lucky robot has a chance to return Robo-Planet to life – he needs your thoughtful support in the Little Wheel game!

Play point and click game Little Wheel game on PC and Apple computers