Mar 10, 2017

Drone Delivery

Free online game Drone Delivery for computers, smartphones, tablets
A drone should deliver packages to different shops. Of course, it is you who controls movements of the device – try not to crash into buildings, lampposts, and other obstacles. Even one crash will be enough to stop the game progress and return you to the very first level. So better be careful! You have no limitations in time and can move the drone slowly and accurately. At every level, find a delivery package, move the drone close to it, and then bring it to a shop. But before beginning the main task, try to collect golden coins. Better to do so without cargo. Money can be spent on drone’s updates – they help perform the game missions much more efficient!

A screenshot from the free online game Drone Delivery - play it on the gaming blog Very Good Games

In flying mini-games, we can control different aircraft. For example, in Cartoon Flight a small paper plane performs risky mission over the dangerous territory.