Mar 29, 2017

Endless Lake

Endless Lake game screenshot
A cute little creature runs over a huge lake on long and tangled bridges. Is there a finish line in his race? No, there is no end for this virtual adventure – the running itself is the main goal and the biggest fun for our game hero. So we can try and help him run as far as possible and collect as many coins as possible. This task asks for deftness! Every time we tap the screen, the creature jumps. This way he passes gaps in bridges and doesn’t fall in the water. A simple tap can activate different types of jumps (almost like in much bigger Super Mario Run game). For example, if we meet long gap we should hold the tap longer to make the hero jump farther. And when a gap is really big, we can tap twice – the creature will make a second jump in the air. This online mini game is also interesting by special portals, which create copies of the creature, and gamers begin to control all of them. After collecting enough coins, we can activate a new appearance for the cutie.

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