Mar 31, 2017

Gold Miner Tom

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Virtual bowels of the Earth are full of amazing treasures! Huge gold nuggets are mixed with even more precious but much rarer diamonds! And a hero of this game has got a unique device to grab those pieces of metal with shining crystals and pull them out of the ground. But he needs to aim properly and to take the best pieces! This online mini game gives just a bit of time for mining and demands to get a specific amount of money on every level. To accomplish these missions, avoid taking usual stones – they are heavy, ask for a lot of time for pulling, and give very small money. Bombs may destroy those stones! Obtain them from bonus sacks or buy with other updates before new levels.

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Mining gold and diamonds becomes even more interesting when we can dig our mines, explore natural caves, collect different materials, and even create something with them. Minecraft proposes these cool activities - we have a nice tutorial series about this game on Very Good Games.

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