Mar 22, 2017

What is a good game in our opinion?

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So many games exist in the world… So many games are released continually… It’s almost impossible to try out them all! And it asks for a lot of time, experience, and just luckiness to pick up a good one, a game that will give exciting, pleasant experience, a game that really worth of our attention. 

But there still is a significant question – what we called “a good game”? Which factors make a game a good one? Let us explain our position in this article!

Secondary factors

There are a lot of things that should be added as ingredients of a good game. They are significant indeed! But aren’t necessary…

  • Story! It’s nice to not just perform missions but also feel a story behind them. And it’s nice when a story is attractive and clever. Game plots are like a fairy tales, in which we can participate, like cool movies, in which we play main roles, like epic legends, in which destiny of the world depends on us… Game stories involve us in something, so that something should be not just interesting but also positive in the end! 
  • Graphics! In the modern world, we have nice devices with bright colorful screens. So modern games should match possibilities of the technic and propose beautiful images. It doesn’t mean complicated graphics – pictures may be made even in a simple way. But our eyes and mind should enjoy watching them. And relax in some way! Unexpected splashes, fast jumping of colors, and just everything that tires eyes should be avoided by developers.
  • Many possibilities of gameplay! Playing games is a specific kind of creativity – we express ourselves through games, in the games… So it is nice to have many ways to perform a main mission, reach a main goal. In the game, we create something subtle that can be called our emotional experience. And different tools, updates, customizations, hidden bonuses, tricky extra quests, etc. make this experience more “multifaceted”… What those “many possibilities” are, depends on a game type and size, on fantasy of developers. It’s quite an uncertain factor, but smart gamers can feel when a game is full of possibilities, and when it is just boring in its gameplay!
  • Respect to players! Some developers see only moneybags in players. They fill in-game shops with additional items, and then make such tasks, which can’t be performed without buying them. They push advertisement after every unsuccessful attempt, and then on purpose make very difficult levels to turn on ads again and again. This passion to money is a disease of many modern developers. But it is just an example of disrespectful attitude. “We will use popular characters, but make no efforts to create an interesting plot and a nice gameplay”. “We will make a huge advertising campaign, but then will release a game without many promised features and with many-many awful bugs”. If developers respect players, they care about our experience, they make good games…

A primary factor

Why those factors above are secondary? Because they are just ingredients in a recipe of a good game. They may be added in different proportion, according to classic traditions or with eccentric attitude… But the only factor that indicates if a game is good or bad it’s emotional experience of players

If players feel satisfied, happy, joyful, and refreshed, that means the game can be called a good one. 

If players are bored, angry, upset, with evil thoughts, with unsatisfied desires, with perverted ideas about life and the reality, that means the game is just bad.

Of course, emotional experience is a very subtle factor. But we think that it is the only thing that matters in games. If developers could create positive, cheerful experience for the most of players, that means they could create a good game.

And only such games we choose for this blog. Our experience in playing games and reviewing them helps us remain objective to the max! So here on Very Good Games, you, guys, can save your time and efforts – we make a collection of good games, highlight the most interesting virtual adventures of different size and genres, made for different devices. Just follow us, and you will always get ideas what to play with clear tutorials how to do this in the best way!

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