Mar 6, 2017

Sudoku Classic

Sudoku Classic game screenshot
Numbers can help us improve different abilities of the mind, even if they do not participate in mathematical operations. In the brilliant Japanese game named Sudoku, we should put numbers on their places, following specific rules. The game board is divided into 9 big squares, and every of them has 9 small squares inside. Numbers from 1 to 9 have to fill the small squares, but there can’t be two same numbers in a row, in a column, and in a big square. There already are numbers in some slots – this makes Sudoku puzzles different from each other and creates interestingness of the game. This online Sudoku has four level of difficulty and hints to help your brain.

Play Sudoku Classic

To use numbers in a bit different way, you can play backgammon! There, numbers on the dice show a quantity of steps, and you decide which chip will make them. Try out this version of the game - Backgammon Classic!

Free online game Backgammon Classic