Mar 16, 2017


SWOOOP planes screenshot
Fly high to the virtual sky on a fast and maneuver plane! Click or tap to make the engine work and the plane gain height. But don’t do this all the time – it’s good for looping but not always this leads you to the game goal, which is collecting bonus items and flying as far as possible. A lot of precious gems and golden stars you’ll meet on the way. And only deftness will help to take them! These artifacts fill the fuel tank, so the plane can fly further. Try to grab especially big purple crystals – they open a short bonus stage. Even if the plane begins to fall, it can take unique items and the flying will continue, so don’t give up till the final crash! The game has no finish line – this can be really long flight.

Fly on a plane online - SWOOOP

Funny little alien from the UFO Run game also collects bonus items. But he uses a jet pack to fly and can run on the floor of the ancient virtual castle…

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