Mar 14, 2017

Vikings vs. Monsters

Vikings vs. Monsters game screenshot
Evil beasts attack a village of Vikings. Mighty warriors are ready to face those monsters and defeat them in battles. But they need thoughtful command – which attack to use, when activate a healing spell, how develop abilities of different members of the crew… Will you help Vikings to achieve glorious victory and save the village? At every level of the game, your people face mighty foes and should kill them. Battles are turn-based, so you will have enough time to make a nice decision. Slowly, wolves and goblins become stronger. To stand their attacks, develop your heroes between levels – unlock new moves, raise health and attack levels.

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Even one hero may defeat a lot of monsters if he has a nice weapon and develops his abilities wisely. In the Taptastic Monsters game, we activate shots by clicks or taps and spend coins on automatic attacks.

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