Apr 5, 2017

Rival Rush

Rival Rush game screenshot
Amazingly speedy sports car rides on usual highway with a lot of slow autos. But the driver just doesn’t want to lose the chance for a bit of adrenaline in his blood – he rushes as fast as possible! Let’s help him avoid crashes and reach the finish line! This race has been made in the style of classic gaming – it is similar to old arcades and to the games for 8-bit consoles. But at the same time, it is quite an exciting entertainment! We have a lot of levels here with many different cars, which behave in different ways. Some of them just move straight, others change lines continuously or try to hit your auto…

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A racing game with retrogaming style - Rival Rush for computers, tablets, smartphones on the gaming blog Very Good Games

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Retrogaming is a cool thing! Many classic games are awesome even if their graphics are not so colorful. Here is our review of the Kirby's Dream Land game, which is available even now on Nintendo 3DS consoles:

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