Apr 1, 2017

Tri Peaks Solitaire Classic

This is an interesting and quite simple version of an online Solitaire! Cards here are formed into three peaks, and this gives the name to the game. Smart gamers’ goal is to remove those peaks, taking cards from them one by one. And there are specific rules for doing this! We can remove from the main group only those cards, which are lower or higher on one point than an open card in the lower extra row. Take other extra cards to remove more pieces of the peaks. Think tactically – try to remove as many cards in one chain as possible. There is a unique Joker card. We can use it once per game and remove any card with it.

Playing Solitaires may bring a pleasant time and it may help develop some qualities of our mind, such as patience, strategical thinking, and paying attention to many objects at the same time. This can be useful in the real life! And in other games as well)) For example, in a fun brain teaser  Sun Beams 3 on the Very Good Games blog.