Apr 19, 2017

Up-Up Ubie

Up-Up Ubie game screenshot
A small virtual creature dreams to fly as a bird in the sky. He’s name is Ubie and he just ignores all obstacles on his way to an amazing experience of flying. Maybe he knows that there are gamers who will put a lot of balloons around Ubie and will save him from falling. After all, it is not a hard rescue mission for us but a colorful and exciting flying adventure!

The rules in the game are quite simple. But some attention, deftness, and even luckiness will be needed to reach faraway points of the locations and to collect many-many coins. Somehow our Ubie has jumped high, and now he begins to fall from the clouds. Tap the screen under him, and a balloon will appear there, so Ubie will jump on it. Tap the screen directly above the creature, so Ubie will grab the balloon in his hands and will fly for a while. Many other creatures may stop the fly of Ubie or knock a few coins out from him. Turn them to coins or balloons by tapping them. Time after time speed of the game becomes higher, and players should act even faster. Different bonus items can be helpful. For example, magnets  allow collecting all coins on the screen. And bombs destroy all dangers. We can grab bonus items during the flying.

The game brings a lot of fun! To keep it interesting for a long time, we can collect coins for purchasing from the Panda’s shop new Ubies of different colors and new fantastical worlds. Or we can try and accomplish all the challenges, proposed by Queen Bee.
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Free mini game Up-Up Ubie

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