May 17, 2017

Let’s go on adventures during special “Rock” week in Pokemon Go!

News about new events in Pokemon Go - Adventure Week with many Rock Pokemon
Hey guys, what about to rock with Pokemon? :) The upcoming week (18-25 of May) will become especially good for this – it will be an Adventure Week in Pokemon Go! And a lot of Rock Pokemon will appear around us. Just prepare a lot of PokeBalls and berries to catch lots of these creatures.

And this is not all features of the Pokemon Go Adventure Week! So, let’s figure out, what to expect from the game this time!


By the way…
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Pokemon trainers can be nice walkers if this gives them some advantages – extra kilometers for hatching eggs and for getting candies from a Buddy Pokemon, new PokeStops and Gyms on the way, more cool Pokemon to catch and add to the collection… At the 11th of May, all the players in Pokemon Go have walked 15,8 billion kilometers! And this distance becomes bigger day after day. Such an achievement is one of the reasons to begin the Adventure Week!

During this period: 
  • we can get more different items from PokeStops;
  • a Buddy Pokemon will get 4-times more candies during walks;
  • PokeBalls will be twice chipper in the shop;
  • and the best thing is much more Rock Pokemon in the augmented reality – they will spawn very often!

Before going to Pokemon Go adventure, check the list of all Rock Pokemon on our blog. Whom would you like to get? Sudowoodo? Golem? Omastar? Kabutops?

The list and pictures of all Pokemon of Rock type in the Pokemon Go game

What items can we get from PokeStops during Adventure Week? How to use them in Pokemon Go? We have the whole list here:

Pokemon Go tutorial about different items: Pokeballs, berries, lures, and others...

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