May 20, 2017

Mahjong Fortuna

Free online game Mahjong Fortuna for PC, Android, iPhone, iPad,Mac
Guys, do you believe in horoscopes? Some people believe in the influence of stars on our life. It is quite understandable – we live in the world, where all objects are connected and may influence each other. Of course, horoscopes are written by people and may have a lot of mistakes and even lies. But things and events around us may be not random at all! We just need to observe, to think…

Maybe even such thing as mahjong solitaire is not random – will all the pieces fall in a position which allows taking them all from the game field? But in the case of this online game, it is better not to look for any mystical signs! It is just a game, made by humans. It has horoscopes for different zodiac signs. Pieces here have zodiac symbols on them, and at every level of the game they form Tauros, Pishes, Leo, Scorpio… Take pieces by identical pairs – they should be unblocked. Use hints or shuffle if you are stuck. There are special pieces, which can make a pair with each other even if they are different: seasons and flowers. We have a time limitation in the game! An easy mode makes unblocked pieces brighter.

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Also you can play the mahjong solitaire with traditional symbols on pieces here:

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