May 13, 2017

Mahjong Master 2

Mahjong Master 2 game screenshots
Unlike many other versions of Mahjong solitaires, this game proposes classic Chinese pieces. Here are so many different variations of them, that smart gamers really should activate their attention and observations skills to find pairs of identical and take them from the game board. Clearing the board in time is the main task here! At every level, we do so with a different group – they become bigger. And at the start of this online Mahjong, we can choose one of three levels of difficulties. 

Only unblocked pieces can be removed from a group – at least one side should be free, and no pieces should lie above. Some pieces make pairs not only with identical but also with pieces of the same kind – flowers, for example. If you are stuck, wait for a hint from the game, or remake your previous steps.

Mahjong Master 2 - free game on the blog for smart gamers

On our gaming blog, we have created quite a collection of free online Mahjong solitaires. If you, guys, prefer games of this type with a bit simpler pictures, try out Mystic Mahjong Adventures:

Mystic Mahjong Adventures - free game on the blog for smart gamers

Interesting training in games may be helpful in the real life – we develop our attention and fast reaction. One of such useful entertainments is the Airport Rush game:

Airport Rush - business game for mobile devices and computers

There are situations in games, which better to keep out of the reality. Zombie Apocalypse is one of them. But in the virtuality it is quite a fun activity! As in the Earn to Die game series – smash walking deads by the car, and update cars for smashing even more zombies:

Earn to Die - free driving game with zombies