May 27, 2017

Portal Knights – adventures in colorful blocky worlds! On PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Portal Knights - a sandbox and RPG game for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows computers
Hey guys, have you ever thought about virtual worlds of video games as about parallel dimensions? It’s like we can make a glimpse into them and even change the life of many inhabitants there, by controlling our avatar-like hero! Such a feeling may become especially powerful in sandbox games. And Portal Knights is one of them!

It was released firstly for Windows computers. But now gamers can get a version of Portal Knights for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. What is this game about? Is it worth of buying? Let’s figure it out in this review!


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Many dimensions of virtuality

If you think about game worlds as about a kind of other dimensions, the Portal Knights game makes this impression especially powerful – we enter one world and then can travel to completely another through special portals. Many worlds here are generated randomly, on a base of different patterns. So you can jump to a desert, to a mountain land, to a jungle…

These dimensions are in danger. And you can save them! There is an evil force that wants to tear apart the entire game universe. It’s not so innovative but still quite a reasonable cause for beginning an adventure! 

Portal Knights - an adventure game with the Minecraft style for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game consoles, for Windows laptops and desktops

A player takes a hero, makes him a warrior, a ranger, or a magician, and leads him to the most powerful monster to defeat it and to save the world. This will be a long journey, and to succeed, we should open many new skills, get a lot of items, and craft very powerful weapons.

The game doesn’t finish on the point of the total victory! Our virtual avatar can continue peaceful life – build houses and castles, grow crops, and sometimes go to new dimensions for new adventures.

Do you like Minecraft?

The game definitely is very similar to Minecraft, and if you like that game you may like also Portal Knights. It is not just a copy so – there are a lot of differences in the graphics, in the appearance of characters, in the plot, in available mobs... Among similarities, we can point to the blocky structure of the world, to the possibility of crafting items and building different constructions. 

One of the coolest features of the Portal Knights game is its multiplayer modes – four players can enter one virtual world and begin a common mission, or two players can begin the game on one console or computer.

To play Portal Knights, buy the game in an appropriate store:

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