Jun 6, 2017

A Grain of Truth

A Grain of Truth game screenshots - for playing the game on our gaming blog
An amazing fairy adventure waits for you in this game – it is an interesting story and you can participate in it. 

A girl looks for flying stones and a Wiseman to ask him a question. Gamers help her explore locations, collect items, communicate with other game characters, solve puzzles… Tap different spots to see what can be done there. Use the eye button in the upper left corner to see all the places of possible activity. Take things to your inventory and use them in other places for different tasks. Grab blue words from speeches of your interlocutors to use them in questions to the Wiseman.

#Attention     #Memory     #Logic     #Improvisation

Screenshots of the game A Grain of Truth - Point and Click quest online for free on the blog for smart gamers

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