Jun 21, 2017

Ice-Cream, Please!

Screenshots of a business game for tablets, smartphones, and computers - Ice-Cream, Please!
Oh, ice-cream, you are so cold, so sweet, and so attractive! Even the fact that you are dreadfully dangerous for health can’t stop many of your fans. 

In this game, we can earn a bit of virtual money by selling ice-cream to virtual people. It is all about your fast and accurate actions – take a correct cup, put correct balls of ice-cream, and add correct extra goodies.

Along with a fun time, we can have something to think about from this game. Selling ice-cream is totally an unpromising job – so soon robots will be doing this instead of humans. And also, people eat less sugar year by year, because they become more cleverer…

#Attention     #Planning     #Constancy

A screenshot of Ice-Cream, Please! - a fun business game on the blog for smart gamers

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