Jun 17, 2017

Hey, virtual fighters! How long are your ARMS?

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Imagine, what will happen with boxing and wrestling if fighters there could not only train their muscles but also… lengthen their arms! It would be quite a funny show to watch them lying motionless on a ring with tightly tangled arms.

But wait a moment – we talk not about the real world but about the phantasmagorical creation of Nintendo! In 16th of June 2017, this Japanese Company has released its one of the most anticipated game for Nintendo Switch– a colorful fighting game, named ARMS.

Are you ready for dwelling into so unusual experience? In our review of ARMS, we point out the coolest features of this amazing Nintendo game!

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It’s all about long springs-like ARMS

A new style of fighting competition became possible because of an unusual mutation – some guys and girls have learned the art of making long, really long springs from their ordinary arms. This made a revolution in martial arts and created a new type of fighting sport!

So, this is a story behind the ARMS game. It is about fighting on arenas, using unusual characters with long… oh, you know… arms! Also, gamers can play interesting versions of other sports, adapted for the ARMS style, such as basketball and volleyball.

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Fantastic characters, a colorful world, an amazing experience…

The best thing in the ARMS game is its unique style. Fighters here are like characters of sweet colorful dreams of game designers – they have so fantastic equipment and can use so many unique tricks! 

All the atmosphere of the game is quite cheerful! It’s not like gloomy or tense battles of some other fighting games. It’s rather about having fun together than about struggling to defeat all the enemies.

Players have different modes in ARMS: Versus, Grand Prix, Ranked Matches, and Party Matches. For even better gaming experience, we can begin online fights against phantasmagorical characters of other real players from different parts of the Earth.

ARMS gaming

On the first sight, ARMS is super-duper cool! If you like fighting games, this one may change your attitude to them – there is no aggressiveness, no crucial missions, just fun entertainment! If you are just interested in trying a fighting game, why not choose ARMS? 

The game is nice for single playing and for two gamers with one Nintendo Switch – there is an appropriate mode. It would be a nice party for friends to take Joy-Con controllers in real arms and, by moving them, fight with virtual arms.

To play ARMS on Nintendo Switch, buy the game following this link:

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