Aug 12, 2017

Animals Jigsaw

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This awesome game proposes a big collection of online jigsaw puzzles! All of them have animals on their pictures: elephants, zebras, bears, and many others. Interesting, how many time will you need to assemble them all?

First, choose a picture. Then, choose a level of difficulty. Every jigsaw puzzle here has 3 versions – with 24, 54, and 96 pieces. To get a look on a ready image, tap its icon in the upper right corner or press spacebar on the computer.

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Screenshots from the Animals Jigsaw game - a link to play the puzzle online free

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Some animals became heroes of free adventure games:

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Someone may say that Pokémon are a bit similar to real animals. And we even can meet these creatures in the augmented reality of the Pokémon Go game:

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It will be better not to meet some of the virtual creatures in the reality. For example, Demon Emperor Dark Void should remain in the world of Disgaea 5 – an anime game for PS4 and Nintendo Switch:

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