Aug 12, 2017

Aven Colony – build your own space settlement!

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It seems like the humanity is getting ready to jump into an abyss that it digs for itself – an unwise attitude to the nature may destroy the unique paradise of the Earth, making our planet unsuitable for living. And some people, which loose their believe in possibility to save this amazing home, already start to think about flying to another one, somewhere far, far away…

Aven Colony is a game of the city-building genre. Players develop new colonies in a distance of a few light years from the Solar System. Aven Colony is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game consoles, for Windows computers.

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Total freedom or many tasks in game missions?

If forget why people should escape to another planet, the situation in this game becomes really interesting! We move to virtual Aven Prime, a satellite of a gas giant. Ancient civilization lived here, but now the place is rather empty. So you can build a colony from scratch! For doing so, choose one of two modes – a Campaign with consecutive missions, or a Sandbox with total freedom of actions.

It is quite unusual for city-building games to have a story mode, so I recommend beginning with it. Also, this is a very good way to discover all the features of Aven Colony. Who knows what kind of a colony you will make in the Sandbox, knowing every tool and every potential danger?

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A city-builder with the Sci-Fi spirit

Have you ever played city-building games? They have a lot in common – players should care about houses and food for their citizens, about electricity and water in their settlements, about safety and entertainments… Aven Colony is not an exception! But it has many interesting features, due to the specific location of the virtual cities.

Weird forms of life and unusual natural phenomena can destroy many significant buildings! And let’s not forget about robotic Guardians, left by some unknown civilization many years ago. In the game, we should consider these alien factors. And of course, think properly about future developing of the colony – unlock new constructions, research new possibilities, explore new territories.

Maybe after playing enough Aven Colony, people will decide to care better about the Earth, our common home. And maybe this game will give some useful experience for this!

To play Aven Colony on PS4, Xbox One, or PC, buy the game in PS Store, Xbox Store, or Steam:

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