Aug 24, 2017

Galaga Special Edition

A banner for the free online game Galaga Special Edition - an official version of the original Galaga
Dangerous insects-like aliens appeared somewhere not so far from the Earth. So your battle ship has been sent there to eliminate the dreadful danger. Let the powerful shootouts in the space begin!

This is a unique game of the classic space-shooting genre. Original Galaga is a game for old arcade machines of 1980’s, and now its developers from Bandai Namco have re-made their legendary shooter for modern devices – we can play Galaga free on computers, smartphones, or tablets. 

Galaga Special Edition has the campaign mode and separated challenges. Use additional features to be even more effective in battles – like a powerful satellite that shoots in a pre-set direction. Watch attentively on positions of future enemies – their routes appear for a while on the screen.

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A noriginal Galaga game from Bandai Namco - Galaga Special Edition for smartphones, tablets, computers

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