Aug 21, 2017

Kirby’s Dream Land - a great start of a great game series

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Cute pink creature Kirby lives among virtual stars and entertains gamers with his exciting adventures for many years already. It was the 25th anniversary of Kirby’s game series at the beginning of August 2017 – the very first game with this hero appeared in 1992. That game has been named Kirby’s Dream Land, and gamers can play it on portable consoles from Nintendo – old GameBoy and modern Nintendo 3DS and 2DS.

Kirby’s Dream Land – really a super nice game! It is not too hard and it is not too easy. It is not too long and it is not too short. Players should be deft and clever to pass all the five stages and to defeat all the bosses. Have you played it?

Here is a review and a full playthrough of Kirby’s Dream Land. It is one of the great games that we choose for the section Legends of the game worlds on our gaming blog.

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Kirby – a creature with amazing abilities of… inhaling!

Kirby’s Dream Land is a classic side-scrolling action platformer. Like in such games as Super Mario bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby moves to the end of stages, defeating dangerous creatures on the way. And he does this in a unique way. Kirby inhales and swallows enemies. Then he can shoot them at other dangers. Different objects can be used as these bullets as well – boxes, apples, and even stars that appear from the attacks of the main boss.

Also, Kirby can inhale air and fly. That air can be shoot at enemies, but not all of them are sensitive to this.

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Tricky bosses

At the end of the stages, Kirby meets powerful bosses. To defeat them, players should be attentive to the actions of their opponents and find a way to attack them effectively. The bosses are tricky and maybe you’ll need a few attempts to understand how to win the battles.

At the fifth level, Kirby meets all the four previous bosses again. And then fight against the final one - King Dedede. He took away all the food and all the magical stars from the Dream Land. Returning those things and defeating King Dedede is the main goal of the Kirby’s Dream Land game.

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Full playthrough of Kirby’s Dream Land

To see the gameplay and maybe to find a correct way of battling the bosses, watch our full playthrough of the very first Kirby game here:

Play Kirby’s Dream Land on Nintendo 3DS

Gamers can get this amazing game even for modern devices - it is available for Nintendo 3DS!

To play Kirby’s Dream Land, visit the official Nintendo shop here:

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