Aug 30, 2017

Sweets Monster

A running Halloween game Sweets Monster on the blog for gamers
In the evening of Halloween, cute monsters walk around cities and towns to collect as many sweet candies as possible. Have you met them?

In this game, Halloween happens at any time – just visit the virtual world to play with the sweets monster! The creature here also runs all over the locations and collects candies. Probably, he knows that sugar is more dangerous for the health than any dreadful monster, but he is a virtual after all, and can be careless to his teeth and bones.

Help the guy to jump over the obstacles and slide under them (use arrows if you play with a keyboard). Look for special candies to set a record. Sometimes double jump is needed to continue running. Extra hearts and bubble candies may be met on the way. Get all the achievements to unlock the special Expert mode! 

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