Nov 21, 2017

Need for Speed Payback – the dark side of racing

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Among all the auto-simulators, the Need for Speed series is quite special. It is one of the most successful racing franchises, many games of which became very popular. Also, many of its editions concern of illegal kinds of racing – on streets of night cities, hidden from police, with some gangsters as competitors.

Another one game of this series has been presented on the 10th of November 2017 – virtual racers got Need for Speed Payback on Windows computers, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One game consoles.

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There is an evil organization, named “The House”, and there are three heroes, who want to stop bad guys – they do this in the game by the mean of… racing. The Story mode of NFS Payback is not very creative, but what do we need from this type of virtual races?

Fortune Valley, a location of the game, is an open world environment with many different tracks: in a city, off-road. Need for Speed Payback proposes a variety of game modes, to prevent players from boring: such as drag racing, escape from police, time trial, etc.

The game contains many cars and possibilities to update them. But to buy autos, you have to get lots of internal currency – repetitive races will be the only way. To activate updates, you have to be lucky in an unusual card game.

NFS Payback creates totally different gaming emotions than other racing games, it has its own spirit of really dangerous and not exactly legal racing adventures. But by the way... So many stupid people on roads, so many dies... Every 4th teenager’s death is concern of road accidents, you know? Of course, we’ve decided to participate in such adventures only in the virtuality. Good idea, isn’t it?

So, to play the game, buy NFS Payback from an appropriate marketplace:

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