Nov 3, 2017

Super Mario Odyssey - a game masterpiece with the legendary hero

Gamers all over the world got a chance to enjoy a new game of one of the best series – highly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey has been released for Nintendo Switch. It a 3D adventure platformer with an open world, with the classic Mario style, and with many new features. The game became super popular from the very start and got acclaims from critics.

So, let’s figure out, why Super Mario Odyssey is so cool!

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The story of the game is… not an original one, let’s say. Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach (yep, again) to marry her. Mario can’t stand this, so he runs to rescue the girl from the villain. This kind of story happens again and again in the Mario games. But you know, it is not boring at all! This is one of the great fascinating classics, and it would be weird from the developers to change it.

One thing in the story of Super Mario Odyssey is totally unique. Mario’s hat is participating in the adventure too!  It is possessed by Cappy, a spirit that also has questions to Bowser – the tiara of Peach is a sister of Cappy, so she also should be rescued. This is not only a feature of the story but also a brilliant idea for the gameplay! If Cappy jumps on heads of other characters, they become captured by Mario and can be used by gamers. What about flying over big gapes on a big dangerous bullet? Also, Cappy can be a weapon in the style of the boomerang, and a platform to help Mario to jump higher and farther.

Players can freely explore virtual locations, named Kingdoms. They fight evil creatures and collect artefacts, especially Power Moons, a kind of charger for Mario’s ship Odyssey. It has the shape of a hat and allows traveling to new Kingdoms in search for Peach. Sometimes Mario jumps to a 2D dimension of its classic adventures – it’s a nice gift from Nintendo for all Mario fans, even if they never played 8-bits games.

Super Mario Odyssey is definitely a very good game! To buy it, visit the official Nintendo Shop.

A button for buying Super Mario Odyssey in Nindendo Store

You also may buy a disk and even a super nice bundle – Nintendo Switch in the style of Super Mario Odyssey and the game in one box.

A cover of the disk Super Mario Odyssey - a link for buying on Amazon        A box of the game console Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition

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