Nov 8, 2019

Death Stranding and Need for Speed: Heat - choose your pace of moving (game releases)

News about the release of Death Stranding and Need for Speed: Heat - gaming blog Very Good Games
These two games have one thing in common - they both have the 8th of November, 2019, as their release day. And this is the only reason to put the info about them into one post on the gaming blog Very Good Games. 

Why not, anyway? Maybe, such a combination will give you the possibility to jump between the lightning speed of the city races and the slow walking in the post-apocalyptic world.

Death Stranding - (weird) art of Hideo Kojima

Once upon a time, in the imaginary world of the future, people in the USA became victims of a mysterious and terrible catastrophe, called later the death stranding. Those who survived, hide in their underground shelters, having no contact with each other. Only special delivery guys walk between those shelters and … yes, they deliver things. This is the game Death Stranding on its surface.

Players deliver packages, build infrastructure for each other, and come through the long cutscenes and weird storyline. “Weird” is a good word for this game and other creations of Hideo Kojima. The famous game designer got full freedom with this project, and many people in the gaming community were super interested to see the results of his independent work.

Someone likes Death Stranding very much. The world is very beautiful, The cast of actors have a lot of famous personalities. BTs, a kind of ghosts, are rather scary and disturbing, making a tense challenge for the players, the social aspect is unique and fascinating. Still, some parts of the game are often called annoying. Such as, slow pace and routine of the delivery missions, long and complicated story, unpleasant sounds of BBs (the babies that has a connection with the world of the dead).

It’s definitely worth trying this game out and making your own opinion on it. Death Stranding is available for PlayStation 4. The PC version is planned for Q2 2020.

Death Stranding was one of the key games at the recent event EGX 2019.

To play Death Stranding, buy the game from PlayStation Store:

A button to purchase Death Stranding for PlayStation 4

Hot races of Need for Speed: Heat

Here we have nothing really weird - this game series has found its specific niche and follows its own traditions with this new entry. Unlike Gran Turismo Sport, Forza Motorsport 7, and Project Cars 2, other very popular racing games, Need for Speed: Heat does not invite to professional sports competitions with races on specially built tracks. It’s a city racing, often illegal, where the most successful racers are the most wanted criminals. Police cars chase them now and then, and this adds adrenaline to the whole action.

Need for Speed: Heat offers a storyline (as its predecessor does - Need for Speed Payback, released two years ago), but the new game has enough unique features. For example, players can choose the night or day manually. Driving for these choices is very different: nights are for illegal races and police chases, they bring reputation to progress in the game; days are for less tense competitions that bring in-game money for new autos and updates. Cars are better customizable than in the previous NFS. You can drive Ferrari cars here - the licensing issue from  the Payback times has been solved. 

Do you like such kind of races? Then give a try to this game.

Need for Speed: Heat is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Press the buttons below to purchase the game for your system:

A button to purchase the racing game Need for Speed: Heat for Xbox One        A button to purchase the racing game Need for Speed: Heat for PlayStation 4

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